The Fractured Mountains

By Amanda Stowers

In the peaks of the Fractured Mountains resided an ancient dragon, Zodinoss. Zodinoss was raised by humans and presided over the surrounding countryside for millenia, protecting the inhabitants from outside parties and making sure everyone always had enough power. Unfortunately, Zodinoss has not been seen for the last six weeks and the village’s generators have started burning out without her breath. Another dragon might come along in time to rekindle them, but life without power is difficult. Last week, the local magistrate revealed that Zodinoss had informed him of an egg that she had laid on one of the peaks. Based on the schedule predicted, the egg should hatch tonight.  The egg complicates the situation – it would be unheard of for a dragon, especially one as conscientious as Zodinoss to abandon her own egg. And an infant dragon with no caretaker would likely not survive. Worse, an infant dragon who falls into the hands of the wrong person might grow up to destroy everything in the mountain range. In light of this pressing news, a search party has been convened with the goal of finding the egg and figuring out what happened to Zodinoss.

The Fractured Mountains is a LARP played while hiking. It takes about 3 hours and requires 4 players and 1 GM.