Particle Panic Perfect!

By Sarah Terman

The Very Large Hadron Supercollider is the world’s latest, most powerful, and most innovative physics research center, attached to the University of Sagamihara, one of the world’s most prominent research universities.  The massive, city-encircling loop of state-of-the art equipment was conceived of as a successor to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and was intended to shed new light on the mysteries of the creation of the universe.  After several months of successful operation, the President of the University has requested a tour of the VLHSC, to see firsthand the exciting research being done by his Physics department.  As the physicists at the facility have absolutely nothing to hide, they of course immediately granted his request, and the President and a few select donors have come to witness the cutting-edge tools in action.

It is extremely unlikely that anything out of the ordinary will occur on such a routine occasion.

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