Dungeons and Delegates

By Matt Fisher, Yvonne Kung, Paul Kivelson, Winfield J. Brown, and Mahayah Phillips

Greetings mighty war leader,

   I write to you now out of desperation that I know we all feel, our days are numbered. The humans press further into the lands we call home. An army of them has been spotted and they have brought that accursed invention they call the gun. I lament the past when it was horn, claw, and fang against the human’s magic; when they would quiver at our presence. But the past is gone and soon we will follow if we do not act. That is why I have written to you and the other war leaders of the mightiest of the so-called monsters from the lowly goblin to the indomitable dragon. We need to gather and form an alliance to stand a chance at overcoming the human menace. Peace, War, Conquest, we must ally so that we can have that choice and not be swept aside by the coming hoard. I have arranged a teleportation rune to take you from your people to my home where the discussion will commence. It is time we remind the humans why they call us monsters.



(15 players)