A Night in Veilgarden

By Sarah Terman

Take a look around you.  Tell me what you see.  A handful of London’s more luminous personalities, gathered to celebrate the successful premiere of a new comic opera?  A collection of benign artists and harmless social climbers?  A frivolous little soiree, to give everyone an escape from the daily dangers of the Neath?

Ah, my dear, you have so much to learn!  These little Veilgarden salons are a hotbed for intrigues and plots of all kinds, and all manner of interesting villains might be present.  Soul traders!  Spies!  Anarchists and revolutionaries seeking the overthrow of the Masters!  To be honest, for most of us the barely concealed peril is the only thing that keeps these affairs from being intolerably boring.

So keep your eyes peeled, and stay on your toes, delicious friend, for you never know what might ha…  Good heavens, did you hear that scream?  It sounded like someone being murdered!  How unseemly!


“A Night in Veilgarden” is set at a fashionable salon in Fallen London, and peopled with artists and society types, who all have a dark secret or five.  It promises to be a night of intrigue and a lot of casual murder. (But death is not always permanent in Fallen London…) For those of you not already familiar, Fallen London is the setting for Failbetter Games’ browser-based Fallen London, originally known as Echo Bazaar, which was the most worthwhile browser game I ever played.  It’s a dark-fantasy Victorian setting, where London was sold to a handful of mysterious hooded entities – the Masters – who moved the entire city into a giant underground cavern.  Hell has an embassy here, and all the cats will tell you secrets if you can catch them.

(9-12 players)