In March, Mash ran the game Pestilence. As this game begun, it was October, 1971. A deadly plague ravages a frontier town in the new Republic of Novosibirsk. It kills in five hours, spreads through unknown means and resembles nothing that has ever been recorded in medical literature. The town’s healers have established a safe haven for the uninfected and wait for rescue by the army. It’s useless. The true danger has already infiltrated the shelter.

Grand LARP 2018: Lost in the Mists

At the end of October, Acata, Aaron and Chris ran our largest Grand LARP yet – Lost in the Mists – with 26 players! The game takes place in the modern day at eerie, fog shrouded Wax-Chandler University, situated in the equally weird and mysterious Town of Nevermore. The community sits at the crossroads of the dangerous, alien fae, normal and not so normal humans, and the traumatized changelings who straddle the divide. Samhain is usually a dangerous time as the veil between worlds thins, but this year even more bizarre things are afoot.