In March, Mash ran the game Pestilence. As this game begun, it was October, 1971. A deadly plague ravages a frontier town in the new Republic of Novosibirsk. It kills in five hours, spreads through unknown means and resembles nothing that has ever been recorded in medical literature. The town’s healers have established a safe haven for the uninfected and wait for rescue by the army. It’s useless. The true danger has already infiltrated the shelter.

Mutually Assured Revelations

On October 21st, the LRS ran the first run ever of Mutually Assured Revelations – a science fiction LARP where the players are a mixed group of humans and aliens heading to their new homeworld. Though the journey and arrival didn’t quite go as planned, the LARP itself went well with 15 new and returning players. There were plenty of exciting moments ranging from debates over how to behave properly on a space station to dramatic deaths. We hope to run this game again soon for those who didn’t have a chance to play in the first run!