One of our GMs, Adrienne, goes to a lot of conventions, and often brings back to us the best of the LARPs she plays there.  The latest of these was a game called Inheritance, a family drama set in 10th century Denmark, involving the funeral of a patriarch and the return of an exiled son.  Our run of Inheritance happened in late July, although there will be a second run this month, because we had way more demand than we had available slots.

Inheritance was awesome.  It is a very tightly written game for 9 players, and exactly 9 players, all beautifully intertwined.  I was particularly impressed by how much the LARP author – veteran game designer Luke Crane – managed to convey with very short character sheets.  Although all the information we were given fit on a single sheet of paper, there was an enormous amount of tension and drama packed into each role, and all of us had interesting and important choices to make throughout the game.  All of us had our lives thrown into upheaval by the events of the game.  A few people tragically died.  The rest of us moved forward as best we could.  It was a richly emotional story, which I appreciated a great deal.  Afterwards Adrienne told us a bit about how the game had run at the convention where she’d first encountered it, and that run sounded like a very different, but equally compelling LARP.

As game is very much live, I’m not sure there’s more I can say, except that it was a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to hearing how our second run goes!

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