Titanic LARP

We’re trying to catch up a bit on the posts for games that ran earlier this year, and here is our first installment.  I sadly wasn’t able to make it to Titanic LARP.  But Acata was there, and has given me a report on the action:

Way back on April 2nd, the LRS hosted “The Titanic Game” written and GMed by Chris. The game is a great romp through an underwater hotel that has suffered some mysterious damage that caused it to be shut down within a week of its grand opening. The players were a mix of veterans and new players, and they were all fantastic. Creativity and ingenuity carried the day with regards to epic stories and daring rescues. Afterwards we all went out to eat, swap war stories, and hang out at a local restaurant. All in all, a grand success!

Sounds like a good time!

-Sarah, Historian Luminant

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