By Acata Felton, Matthew Fisher, Yvonne Kung, Sharon Beltracchi, Kyle Shiells, Rachel Reddick, and Cameron Campbell

It is the year 2650 CE, and the Earth is in shambles. The remnants of humanity are banding together in the Alliance of Nations as powerful Fire, Water, Earth, and Air elementals engage in internecine warfare.  A century ago, a scientist whose genius was matched only by his lack of social responsibility opened a Conduit to the elemental plane, inadvertently unleashing these beings on Earth, where they have fought one another to a stalemate.  It has taken a hundred years of adaptation and experimentation (and death), but humans may finally possess technology that could tip the balance between the elemental factions.  In recognition of their potential as worthy allies or opponents, for the first time, a human contingent has been invited to the Elemental Council to participate in elemental politics.  Let the backstabbing begin!

(19 players)